Sunday, April 15, 2018

Tarot Card Meanings: The Fool

my keywords: 
possibility, beginnings, trust, innocence, playfulness

The Fool represents a fresh start. He has a beginner's mind, free of assumptions and open to possibilities. The Fool is fun-loving and adventurous. He is a trickster, and brings lightness and humour to a situation.

Pam-A Edition of the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Fool advises...

  • Nurture a beginner's state of mind. Try to let go of assumptions. Be curious and open-minded. Rather than trying to control the future, focus on the present. Let your instincts guide you.
  • Try something new. Say "Yes!" to a spontaneous adventure. Create more space for possibility in your life!
  • Have some fun. Forget about your worries for a while.
  • Take a playful approach to the situation. Fooling around may lead to a creative solution.

The Fool warns...

  • Be sure you are not behaving dangerously or risking something you can't afford to lose. 
  • Beware of being gullible. Someone may be trying to take advantage of your trusting nature.
  • Beware of always seeking the next new thing instead of following through with existing projects or relationships.

The Fool predicts...

This situation will unfold in a surprising way. If you can be comfortable with uncertainty, you may be delighted in the outcome.

The Fool represents someone who...
  • is...
    • open-minded 
    • accepting
    • fun-loving
    • adventurous
    • spontaneous
    • immature
    • foolish
    • reckless
    • irresponsible
  • follows their instincts
  • goes with the flow
  • avoids commitment

Friday, February 10, 2017

Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

The lunar eclipse in Leo is happening in just a few hours! Eclipses bring shadowy things to the surface, so we can see them, process them, and let them go. I hope this tarot spread will help you with that.

If you do the reading, I'd love to know! Tag me on Instagram (I'm @shonna) or share your reading in Tarot Nerds on Facebook.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

How to Cast a Year Ahead Tarot Reading Like a Badass Magician

I love randomness as much as the next divination nerd. Sure.

But there is something exciting about choosing my destiny, instead of just waiting to see what the wheel of change brings.

So, for 2017 I took some time to deliberately choose the energy I want to project and nurture. For this, I used my favourite magical tool: the tarot.

Here's how to do it:

1. First get yourself a tarot deck; an oracle deck would work too. Something that really connects with you emotionally will work best. You'll also need a place to record your reading so you can refer back to it each month.

2. Look at the cards, face up. Ask yourself "Is this the energy I want to have in my life in 2017?" Make a pile for Yes and a pile for No. Do this quickly. Don't think it about it too much.

3. Now, you want to have 13, 25, or 37 cards in your Yes pile. So go through again adding or subtracting cards until you have 13, 25, or 37 cards.

4. Now it's time to cast your reading, so do what you need to do to get in your zone and shuffle your Yes pile, face down.

5. Place your cards randomly in a circle, clockwise, starting at the top, making a circle of 12 cards -- one for each month. Keep going around the circle until you only have 1 card left. Place this card in the centre of the circle.

6. Each position in the circle is for a month of 2017. The card(s) there represent the energy you can work to bring into that month. Use your cards as prompts for things to do and focus on, affirmations to work with, and aspects of yourself to explore.

7. The centre card represents the overall energy for you to bring into 2017. I chose Warrior Three: Alignment from the Tarot of the Sidhe. I can already feel the magic unfolding.

bonus: You could use this method, and also do a random spread using the same positions and a different deck. It will be really interesting to see how the energy of the chosen card and the given card compare and contrast.

If you do this, and want to show me, use the hashtag #BadassMagicianTarot or come share it in Tarot Nerds on Facebook :)

I hope it helps you work your magic in 2017! xo

deck pictured: Tarot of the Sidhe, 2010, Emily Carding