Sunday, October 7, 2012

On the Waning Moon and "Cleaning House"

Although I've been doing well keeping up my new habits I have been feeling a little stagnant and uninspired lately. I'm choosing to be compassionate with myself, telling myself, "It's OK Shonnie-Bear (that's what I call myself when I'm being compassionate to myself), not everyday has to filled with mind-blowing epiphanies and heart expanding bliss. Just chill woman."

Astrologically there has been some major happenings in the past week, particularly Saturn's shift from Libra (my sun sign) into Scorpio after more than two years. Saturn is a planet of challenges and limitations, and although I learned a lot about myself, who I am, and what I want and don't want in my life, Saturn's overextended visit to Libra was a challenging time in a lot of ways for me (existential crises, relationship meltdowns, medical emergencies with one of my closest friends, and the death of my father were predominantly featured. So yeah, F.U. Saturn) So earlier this week I was flying high, feeling great, and telling myself, "Wow, this feels too good to be true".

And then yesterday I got a pretty mighty case of the blues. I was missing my family and friends big-time (it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend) and feeling pretty lonely, the writing I was attempting to do for work was blech, and the yoga video I wanted to watch wouldn't play. Plus it's the rainy season here in Cambodia and when it rains (practically everyday) the whole city turns into a murky, dirty, knee-high sea, trapping us indoors without any chocolate.

So today (after a night of thoughtful insomnia) I resolve to:
a) rest,
b) buy chocolate,
c) practice gratitude,
d) work with the energy of the waning moon.

My 20-year love affair with astrology ebbs and flows, but the one cosmic thing I am always aware of is the moon's phase. Right now, until the new moon on October 14th (which I'm super stoked about!), the moon is in a waning phase, which means it appears, from here on earth, to be getting smaller each night. Energetically the waning moon time is the time to purge, clean, let go, release, eliminate, give up, banish, destroy, burn, smash... you get the idea. With the new moon we can set an intention and start inviting wonderful new things into our life, and if we've made space by doing our waning moon clearing, all the better.

Here are some ideas of how to use the energy of this moon phase in our lives:

  • Clear clutter. Go through those ever-growing piles of paper and file, recycle, or deal with them.
  • Clean out your junk drawers, storage closets and, especially, under your bed. Ask yourself "Do I really need this? Have I ever used it? If I were to get rid of it would I ever think of it again?". Be merciless.
  • Go through your clothes and get rid of any garment that you do not love or at least like a lot. If you feel like poo when you wear it, banish it.
  • Clean out your fridge and cupboards. If you've had a can of mushrooms in your kitchen for the past 4 years, chances are you are never going to eat it (canned mushrooms: yuck). Check the expiry date then chuck it or donate it the food bank. If you're gearing up for a new way of eating now is a great time to get rid of those Twinkies and Oreos that will not be a part of your new life. If you've been saving up empty yogourt containers or milk cartons, I bet you are not going to miss them when they're gone. So give them to the local preschool teacher or chuck 'em (in the most environmentally friendly way you can, of course.)
  • Clean up your social networks. Un-friend those "friends" that you really don't like and those tweeters that only fill your feed with spam.
  • If you use a blog-feed, like Google reader, clean that up too. Are there blogs that you never-ever actually read? Have you been spending hours each month watching Pixiwoo videos even though you don't even ever wear makeup? (I'm talking about myself here. By the way, if you do wear make-up, Pixiwoo is awesome!)
  • If you are a writer or photographer, the waning moon is a great time to edit your work.
  • Do a detox or cleanse.
  • If you are holding on to past hurts, now may be the time to forgive. Soak up the learning there is in that experience and then let go. You may need to talk to someone to gain closure or end a relationship for good. Stop feeding your pain by dwelling on it.
  • Assess how you are using your time and make changes where you could be more efficient. For example, is spending 3 hours a day on facebook the best way to nurture your social connections or could you use that time to do something more meaningful, like have face to face social interactions? Are there areas of life where you are investing a lot of time, money or energy for little payback? It could be useful to make a list of how you spend your time, why you do it, and alternative ways you could fulfill the same purpose. Give thanks for the things in your life that no longer serve you and then let them go or choose to do them less.
  • If you have kids encourage them to go through their toys and pick out the ones they no longer play with. If they're broken, fix them or throw them. If they're just no longer of interest, sell them in a garage sale or donate them. If your little ones are old enough they could also pick out the clothes that they never wear, don't like, or don't fit. Chuck, sell or donate.
  • Weed your garden. Clean the dead leaves or overgrowth from your plants.
  • Quit a bad habit. I've given up sugar-sweetened beverages.

This is only a small collection of ideas. I'd love to hear your ideas for using the waning moon's energy.

Off to clean my space and clear my energy. xo.

This post is inspired by Tenacious Leigh.


  1. I'm loving this! I started by clearing small spots of clutter. I'm going through my closet tonight. I cleaned my kitchen the other day. I'm attempting to get rid of some of the bath products I've hoarded over the last 2 years. I spent a lot of timing cleaning & clearing my hard drive - releasing old projects, stalled projects that I don't wish to restart, writing that I'm not going back to, etc. I feel this deep need to make space. :)

    Love what you said about healing old hurts. I'm meeting with an energy healer for a session on Sat - seem to have squeezed that in just in the nick of time!


  2. I LOVE THIS POST! I have had such a strong urge to declutter and simplify since I embarked on my Whole30 and it's just gotten stronger and strong as I went along. Perhaps the waning moon is helping to drive this? I am going to read this over a few times and find ways to untilize the waning moon's energy this week while I have the opportunity. Thanks, Shonna.

  3. You’d left such a nice, thoughtful comment on my blog and I intended to come over here and check yours out and then in passing by Tara’s office after lunch, she mentioned you and your recent “waning moon” post and it spurred me to come and check it out right now. You have a lovely way of writing, common sense and somehow with such a positive energy!

    I appreciate where you are coming from with the waning moon cleaning and I can see how the moon, something that has so much draw (esp on women), could be pressed into service for cleansing and freshening.

    I’ll pop by again

  4. I'm so grateful for your comments, wonderful women!

    I've been pretty aware of what I want to clear out of my life lately, but also have a growing awareness that I love and want more of *this*.