Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Moon Tarot Series: Aquarius

All this year I will be featuring a series of tarot spreads that embody the essence of the new moon. 

This first spread is for the new moon in Aquarius which is at 2:20 am EST on February 10th (2:20 pm for us in Cambodia). Aquarius is an air sign and, like all the air signs, is very much a thinking and communicating sign. 

The new moon is a good time to open ourselves to new ideas and ways of thinking. It's more about being receptive than setting goals.

Here's what I recently wrote about the characteristics of Aquarius. It is good to keep these qualities in mind when we consider what we want to open to during the moon phase that begins with Sunday's new moon.

Aquarius characteristics include original, independent, perceptive, pioneering, imaginative, wise, knowledgeable, humanitarian, friendly, witty, inventive, thoughtful, curious, eloquent, unconventional, idealistic, opinionated, restless, rebellious, emotionally detached. 

The Aquarius new moon is great time to open up to thinking in new, perhaps unconventional, ways!

If you want to go even deeper in using astrology to guide your intentions, you can look at your birth chart to see which house is ruled by Aquarius for you. Elsa Elsa recently posted these ideas for using the houses with the Aquarius new moon. 

Here's the spread I created, which is all about letting go of stagnant thoughts and opening up to fresh ways of thinking.

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