Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Chakra Checklist: 7 Things to do Every Day to Make Life Spectacular

When I first embarked on this chakra study/development journey I knew it would be awesome, but I'm just starting to realize exactly how awesome. Really, really, f-in, amazingly, stupendously, magically, divinely, supremely awesome. Really.

I honestly, truly believe that if we do one little thing every day to honour each part of the chakra system, real magic will start to happen. We will start to get clear about our dreams. We will begin to notice how our lives are already amazing. We will start to make deep connections with others. We will get strong. We will get confident. We will attract to us things more amazing than we ever believed possible.

Here's a little list I came up with of simple things to do for each chakra on a daily basis. There are more!

Root Chakra: Ground Yourself

Go outside. Do a grounding meditation. Go for a run. Do yoga. Eat some vegetables. Eat lentils. Soak and massage your feet. 

Sacral Chakra: Do Something Pleasurable

Have sex. Make art. Dance. Eat juicy fruit. Take yourself on a date. Have a bath. Get a massage. Give a massage. Have fun with your best friend. Snuggle a kitty. Have a nap. 

Solar Plexus Chakra: Put Effort Towards Your Goals

Work.  Exercise.  Put some money into your savings account. Try something new. Do one thing to bring you closer to the future you want for yourself.

Heart Chakra: Give Gratitude

Do something nice for someone. Write down a blessing in your life. Tell someone what you truly appreciate about them; be specific. Give your partner a "just because" present. Practice metta meditation. Deeply listen to someone.

Throat Chakra: Express Yourself Beautifully

Sing. Read a favourite poem out loud. Write a poem. Tell someone your dreams for yourself. Say "I love you" with consciousness. Write the blog post in your heart. Speak your truth. 

Third Eye Chakra: Visualize Your Dreams

Make a picture in your mind of something you want for yourself. Picture as much detail as possible. Use all your senses: what does it look like, sound like, smell like, taste like? Most importantly: what does it feel like? Make a vision board. Play on Pinterest. Use a calendar or workbook to make plans.

Crown Chakra: Open to Divine Inspiration

Pray. Meditate. Do yoga. Go for a run. Go for a walk. Have a shower. Play with Tarot cards. Notice your dreams. Notice synchronicities in your day. Read your horoscope. Let your guides/angels/God speak to you. Listen. 

I would love to learn how you honour yourself each day!


  1. Great checklist! Lots of simple, practical ideas for enriching our lives.

  2. So many simple, powerful and doable ideas!