Friday, March 22, 2013

Blooming Lotus: A Tarot Spread for Root Chakra Healing

When we come into our physical bodies, when we're being formed in utero, and when we are born, we have a potential. Our genetics, our in utero experience, our experience of being born, our humanness, and our families all effect the potential we are born with. 
like this lotus flower, your body is a physical manifestation of the divine
Our first year of life also has an enormous effect on the lives we will live. According to many theories of psychological development, this is when we learn whether we can trust our bodies, our environment and those around us to keep us safe. 

This period of in utero, birth and our first year of life is when the root chakra is formed. I think of it like a seed that holds the potential for who we will become. Not that our fate is determined by this time, but it gives us the raw material that we have to work with. Muladhara drives us instinctually, but it is also a seed that holds our ability to limit and focus those instinctual drives.

If our mother has a difficult pregnancy, if our parents are fearful, if our birth experience is traumatic, if we are malnourished or fall ill in infancy, if we feel panic as infants, if we are not bonded well with our mothers, or if we're physically abused -- all these experiences will effect the functioning of our root chakra and our experience of being in our physical bodies.

Muladhara is the chakra associated with earth energy. When we look at how we manifest earth energy, we can assess the balance of our root chakra.

Am I too earthy? Am I slow, sluggish, lazy? Do I overeat? Do I feel heavy? Do I like things to stay the same; am I fearful of change? These qualities could indicate an excess of root chakra energy.

Or do I live outside of my body? Do I tend to escape my body by living in the mental world or by using substances to escape? Is my mind all over the place, unfocused and restless? Answering yes to these sorts of questions could indicate a deficiency in root chakra energy.

Anodea Judith, a psychologist and expert on the chakra system (I very highly recommend any of her books), says that because muladhara is inextricably linked with our physical bodies, we cannot heal it with the use of our minds. We cannot journal or talk-therapy our way to a perfectly functioning root chakra. In order to heal muladhara, we must change at a physical level.

Whether we are excessive or deficient in our root chakra energy, being in our bodies and having some consistency in our lives will help us move towards a better balance of our root energy. If we have excessive earth energy, we can move toward balance by letting go, setting limits on our behaviour, and taking risks. Deficient earth energy can be increased by doing things with our bodies, being in nature, nourishing ourselves with whole foods, and developing focus and discipline.

I've created this Tarot spread in order to explore and heal from our very early life experiences in order that we may nurture our divine potential. What we find using this spread we can use in making changes to our relationship with our bodies and physical environments. 


  1. Hi there! Just wanted to say a big thank you for creating this spread! I stumbled upon your blog tonight and it's been a joy to read, and this post in particular helped me to realise just how out-of-alignment my root chakra is and how it's contributing to issues in my life. This spread revealed some rather unexpected but very appropriate truths. Definitely some food for thought. I'm looking forward to trying out some more of your spreads :) Many thanks xx

    1. I'm so happy you found my blog and that this spread was helpful for you! I intend to create spreads for the other chakras too.

      Thank you!