Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Moon Tarot Series: Taurus

This spread is for the new moon in Taurus. The sun and moon will align on May 9th, at 8:29 pm EST.

This new moon will pass directly between the sun and us here on earth, causing a solar eclipse. In astrology, a solar eclipse gives the new moon a burst. This is a super powered time for big new beginnings!

Right now, a load of planets are hanging out in Taurus: the sun and moon, obviously, but also Mercury, Venus and Mars. These inner planets are said to be the personality planets. The new moon solar eclipse in Taurus lends all these planets a down-to-earth, practical energy now. This is such a good time to start living our lives more in congruence with our ideal selves and also a great time to begin manifesting great abundance.

Plant your seeds, nurture them, and be prepared for fantastic results!

My spread for this new moon is inspired by the idea of planting a garden. It's a simple spread to guide us in nurturing our idea-seeds into full grown abundance-flowers. Try it out! I'd love to learn what you find.

What seeds are you planting in this magical new moon time? Let me know in the comments!

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