Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Use Tarot to Dive Deep into your Natal Chart - pt. I

Lately, I've been really interested in learning more about astrology.  But, I want to do more than just read about it.

I want to feel it. I want to tune in to the cosmos and feel the energy of the planets.

Today I have an exercise for exploring our natal astrology placements using the tarot.  I'm using the Cosmic Tarot. This is an easy exercise, and should give your some interesting things to contemplate.

1. First, get your chart if you don't have it already. I use for all my astrology needs. Just hover over "Free Horoscopes" and select "Chart Drawing, Ascendent" to get your natal chart.

2. Where is your sun? Mine is in Libra, so I chose Libra as the first zodiac sign to work with.

3. Look at what other planets reside in the same zodiac sign as your sun sign. I also have Mercury and Pluto in Libra.

4. Get your tarot deck and pull out the major arcana card that corresponds to the zodiac sign you're looking at. My sun is in Libra, so I'm using Justice.

Here are the major correspondences that I use for all the zodiac signs:
  • Aries - The Emperor
  • Taurus - The Hierophant
  • Gemini - The Lovers
  • Cancer - The Chariot
  • Leo - Strength
  • Virgo - The Hermit
  • Libra - Justice
  • Scorpio - Death
  • Sagittarius - Temperance
  • Capricorn - The Devil
  • Aquarius - The Star
  • Pisces - The Moon
5. Now pull out the cards that correspond to the planets that are in that zodiac sign. For me this is the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto, so I am using The Sun, The Magician, and Judgement.

Here are the major arcana correspondences I use for the planets (I use the Golden Dawn system, by the way):
  • Sun - The Sun
  • Moon - The High Priestess
  • Mercury - The Magician
  • Venus - The Empress
  • Mars - The Tower
  • Jupiter - The Wheel of Fortune
  • Saturn - The World
  • Neptune - The Hanged Man
  • Uranus - The Fool
  • Pluto - Judgement

6. Place your zodiac sign card at the top, and the planets card(s) below and start considering, perhaps journaling.
  • Consider what each planet card is like when its energy is expressed as the zodiac sign card.  How is that expressed in your identity or personality?
For example, my sun (The Sun) in Libra (Justice) wants to uncover the truth, finds joy in fairness and balance, and identifies with being balanced and ethical.

Do this for each planet.
  • Now, consider how the planets, if there is more than one, act together in the zodiac sign. How do you feel this energy is expressed in your life?
I have The Sun, The Magician, and Judgement dancing in Libra. To me these three cards together represent clear knowing and self-perceiving leading to the ability to manifest. Being in Libra (Justice), I feel like it is really important for me to be constantly exploring and reviewing my life, acting and speaking with care, and always acting ethically. I like things to be orderly. I like to understand things.

Over to you! I would really, really love to discuss this. Come on over to my Facebook page and let's talk about our natal charts. I'm really curious about what you find.