Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tarot Jam Blog Hop Master List

Hello! Welcome to the first ever Tarot Jam Blog Hop!!

For our first blog hop, I thought it would be fun to tell our tarot stories.

I hope you enjoy learning about these shining and wonderful tarot-loving bloggers. I know I will.

Here's the MASTER LIST!

  1. Morgan at Gleamings from the Golden Dawn
  2. Melissa at Writer's Oracle
  3. Deird at The Willow Path Tarot
  4. Vicky at New Age Hipster
  5. Carrie at Happy Fish Tarot
  6. Kelly at The Truth in Story
  7. Nicole at Evergreen Readings Blog
  8. Benebell at Benebell Wen
  9. Nissa at  Rhyme and Unreason
  10. Ashley at Dreadlock Tarot
  11. Melanie at The Quintessence
  12. Ethony at Ethony
  13. Evvie at Interrobang Tarot
  14. Fiona at Fiona Benjamin
  15. Jo at Thoth Journey

p.s. I signed up to wrangle the hop, and was going to write a post, but life got crazy. So, no post from me, this time around. However, I'm honoured to get to organize this event for my friends and fellow tarotphiles and plan to participate in the next one!! xo


  1. I came across this at Benebell's blog, and I'm so excited to read through all of them! Thank you for organizing this. Out of curiosity, would it be possible for me to volunteer for the next round of the hop, or is it invitation-only?

    1. Sure. We do it through Tarot Bloggers and Vloggers Facebook group. Just join the group :)

    2. Thanks for this, Shonna, I've sent a request to join :)
      Found you via Carrie's blog :D
      This is SUCH a good idea!

  2. Shonna, thank you again for all of your wrangling. You made this idea a reality, and it's been a lot of fun. I hope you can write a post next time, too.

  3. Thank you so much for this amazing list full of interesting blogs. I'm eager to read them all!:)