about me

Hi!! I'm Shonna.

I'm a gentle and down to earth person, living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. I value freedom, relaxation, and laughter. I have a big heart, and love to help people find greater ease and joy in life.

I'm a big nerd about tarot, astrology, film, yoga, plant-based cooking, and personal development. My sun is in Libra, my moon in Sagittarius, and I have Virgo rising -- which basically means I am kind and relaxed, while also being bluntly honest, practical and organized.

Spiritually, I don't really have any labels for myself -- I'm a little bit witchy, a little bit new age. Mostly, I like to approach spirituality like I approach most things in life: with a sense of curiosity and playfulness.

Currently, I am loving yoga in the Iyengar tradition and heart-awakening meditation as taught by Sally Kempton.

My approach to tarot is predominantly psychological -- I see the cards as a tool for reflecting and magnifying what lies within. However, I have noticed that sometimes the cards do act in ways that seem magical.

Want to see and hear me? Here I am talking to my friend Carrie Mallon about tarot, and here I am nerding out about my tarot deck collection.

Education + Experience

I started using the cards for myself in 2001 and began writing about tarot and doing professional readings in 2011.

In university I studied social and developmental psychology, education, counselling, and ethical philosophy. I have a BA in Psychology and a BEd in Education. After finishing my education I worked as a behavioural therapist with kids with special needs.

I volunteered for a crisis line for 2 years, and received training in crisis intervention, counselling skills, boundaries and ethics.

I've studied tarot with James Wells and Camelia Elias, and have read and worked through innumerable tarot books and self-study courses.

I'm currently studying positive psychology, with the hope of eventually becoming an expert in happiness!

Aside from being a tarot consultant, I also write and design Galaxy Tone tarot apps, and co-run a super fun Facebook group, Tarot Nerds.